About Us

Hello, there!

At VlogTrends we want to make it easy to find the people who create the best video content in the areas that interest you.

On our end we are trying to curate popular vlogs and categorize them as appropriately as we can, to make finding the ones that interest you as easy as possible. This, of course, is an ongoing process given the sheer number of vlogs out there.

Ultimately though, it is you, the viewer, whose opinion matters the most, hence the ratings and reviews you give on VlogTrends is what ultimately decides which vlogs are considered the best.

What we felt was missing in the current landscape, was an easy way to find new vloggers that might interest you, based on something other than just the number of subscribers or an unknown recommendation algorithm.

We are currently using ratings on credibility, production value, entertainment value, and an overall rating of a vlog. Optional written reviews of vlogs, give users the chance to share more detailed opinions.

If you have any views or suggestions you would like to share with us, don't hesitate to leave us a message!