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A Ann Williams
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3 years ago


Production value

Entertainment value

Real world vlogging... can definitely relate on every level!
I’ve been watching Barry and Shaddy since they started their Pacific passage. I will admit I binged on all the episodes leading up to that so I can catch up with their travels. What an amazing voyage they have taken. Barry is so personable, humble and realistic. Other shows get too greedy on merch or turn their vlogging into an American reality show 👎🏼. I just want to see what life is on the high seas as a solo sailor and Barry portrays it perfect. Love the history bits, the sailing tricks and of course the ceremonial beer, pizza and music! Thanks Barry... stay safe and keep it up... always looking for your new vids.. I hope to maybe one day to run into you at some anchorage and share some beers.. or just good Colombian coffee! 🍻 ☕️ ⛵️
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